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Dental Root Canal Indianapolis

Tooth pain is highly unpleasant and yet something that many people ignore until they simply can’t. The initial signs of infection are often subtle, no more than sensitivity. At this point, discomfort is easily ignored. This is the best time, however, to visit your dentist. At Washington Street Dentistry, we encourage our patients to visit our office at the first sign of decay.

If too much time passes after initial pain begins, the dental care required to restore comfort may involve root canal therapy in our Indianapolis office. Root canal pain is, in fact, one of the most common reasons that patients visit their dentist for urgent treatment. Root canal therapy is, however, one of the most dreaded of all dental procedures.

The process of tooth repair with root canal therapy is actually simple. When infection has taken over the core area of a tooth, Dr. Church often finds that root canal therapy is the most suitable course of action to eliminate disease – and the pain that it causes.

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Root canal therapy involves some of the same steps that you would expect during cavity repair. We begin by gently removing diseased tooth material. Due to the presence of infection in the center of the tooth, a small opening to this area is created. Using very small files, we clean the root canals of infected vessels, nerves, and tissue and then cleanse them with sterilizing liquid. Canals are then sealed in order to prevent further invasion of oral bacteria.

As soon as infected tissues are removed from the damaged tooth, comfort is restored. Root canal therapy is not painful, contrary to what some people believe. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic, which numbs the side of the mouth on which we work. Most patients are able to go about their day with minimal to no post-treatment soreness.

Chewing function is restored after root canal therapy through the placement of a temporary crown. A few weeks after initial treatment, the final crown will be ready for placement and years of functional service. Overall, patients treated with root canal therapy are very pleased with their experience and the longevity of results that comes from the preservation of natural tooth structure.

Washington Street Dentistry offers a range of services in a friendly environment. Don’t wait until tooth pain cannot be ignored. Contact our office today for your checkup and cleaning.

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