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Gum disease is an interesting dental problem in that more than fifty percent of adults in America have some form if this condition, but that it remains one of the most preventable dental conditions. We understand that gum disease is a serious condition that can rob you of your beautiful smile and even your health. Although gum disease is viewed as a preventable problem, we do not judge our patients. When you visit Washington Street Dentistry, your dental team will go to work providing appropriate periodontal treatment if gum disease has been detected. Our Indianapolis, IN patients can rest assured they will not be made to feel badly about their oral condition. It is our job to help you regain oral health, and keep your smile healthy.

Gum disease has various stages. It is our hope to detect the earliest stage, gingivitis, during routine dental examinations. This stage is difficult to detect outside of the dental office because symptoms are so mild, including slight redness, or maybe a bit of bleeding when teeth are brushed and flossed. These early signs of gum disease should be taken very seriously, as this is the only stage in which the condition can be reversed with professional cleaning and excellent at-home care.

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Our goal in treating early gum disease is the reduction in bacterial activity. If no pockets have formed around affected teeth, a standard cleaning may be performed to remove plaque and tartar buildup from teeth. Your dentist or hygienist will then discuss the at-home oral care practices that should be implemented to combat bacterial activity that threatens gum tissue.

The more gum disease advances, the more aggressive treatment must become just to manage the condition. Cleanings may include root planing and scaling, a procedure that removes bacteria buildup from periodontal pockets that may form around teeth. We assure patient comfort throughout any periodontal treatment, and work diligently to reduce the risks associated with gum disease during dental visits.

There is only one stage of gum disease where reversal is possible. Early detection is vital to the successful treatment of this condition. Contact Washington Street Dentistry for your dental check-up today.

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