Recovery tips for wisdom teeth dental extraction with your Indianapolis, IN dentist

The extraction of wisdom teeth is something that most people will experience at some point in their life. We begin monitoring the development of wisdom teeth in the teen years, although some people do not see the growth of these third molars until they are in their twenties. The extraction procedure for wisdom teeth in our dental office is not intimidating. We assure our Indianapolis, IN patients that the procedure itself is nothing to fear. We also discuss options for sedation to promote a calm, stress-free experience.

Some patients are concerned about the recovery period after wisdom teeth extraction. By following the tips provided by your dentist, you can experience optimal healing after your procedure.

  • Rest is an important factor after any procedure. Especially if sedation is used, we encourage patients to rest comfortably at home for the rest of the day after the procedure. Usually, patients feel well enough to resume normal activities the day after their appointment. Strenuous activities like sports and exercise should be put off for about a week, so clots can form in the empty sockets.
  • As much as possible, beverage consumption should be limited to water. Carbonation and alcohol are both detrimental to healing.
  • Drinks should be consumed straight from the glass or bottle, NOT from a straw. Sucking motion can dislodge clots.
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  • The day teeth are extracted, you will want to eat soft foods that do not require chewing. Yogurt, pudding, soup, and applesauce are popular choices. As early as the next day, you may begin adding in semi-soft foods like noodles, as you can tolerate them. Spicy foods should be avoided as they may irritate healing tissues. Crunchy and chewy foods may also cause irritation, or dislodge clots, and should be avoided until sockets have healed.
  • Managing pain after wisdom teeth extraction is actually quite simple. Although prescription medication will be given to you by your dentist, pain is often manageable with over the counter pain reducers. For the first day or two, setting a schedule for pain medication is more beneficial than waiting to see if you become uncomfortable.
  • A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and taking extra care after dental extraction is important. Brushing teeth is not possible during the first 24 hours of recovery. After 24 hours, the mouth can be rinsed every two hours with warm salt water. Rinsing should take place after meals, as well. Brushing may be resumed after 24 hours, but care must be taken around the extraction site.

In the hands of your skilled dentist, the extraction of wisdom teeth does not have to be stressful. Contact Washington Street Dentistry today to schedule your dental check-up.

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