Tooth pain is a dental emergency that can be addressed in our clinic in Indianapolis

Dental Emergency Clinic Indianapolis: The team at Washington Street Dental understands that there may be times in which you need to be seen right away.

When we hear the word “emergency,” we tend to think of something traumatic. An injury in which something is broken, knocked out, or bleeding. While all of these classify as emergencies, the majority of urgent dental needs boil down to something very normal: tooth pain.

Tooth pain is something that all of us may experience at some point. At Washington Street Dentistry, we make every effort to help our patients avoid dental problems that cause discomfort. There are instances, however, in which this is not avoided. Though the run of the mill toothache may not seem like a dental emergency, we assure you it is reason enough to schedule a visit to our clinic in Indianapolis. In our comfortable office setting, we get to the root of discomfort, which may feel like:

  • Throbbing pain
  • A dull ache
  • Intense, sharp pain occurring with changes in temperature or when something sweet is eaten
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Tooth pain may be localized to the tooth in which the problem exists. Toothaches, however, can also cause generalized pain that affects the gums, cheek, and even the entire jaw. Sometimes pain can be what is called “referred,” meaning that it is felt in another area of the mouth than the irritated nerve. Referred pain may also be felt someplace odd, like the ear.

No matter how pain presents, its persistence is indicative of a problem that may require urgent care. Without prompt attention, tooth pain will only become worse. What many people do when pain strikes, however, is alleviate it with over the counter pain medication. While this can be beneficial for the reduction of pain, medication is only intended for that purpose. Because medication reduces pain does not mean that it has resolved the underlying problem. If a tooth hurts, it could be due to infection and the only way to eliminate it is with professional dental care.

At Washington Street Dentistry, it is our goal to help our patients avoid tooth pain through preventative care. We are happy to demonstrate proper brushing technique and discuss ways to floss that work for your lifestyle and capabilities. It is these two tasks that have the most power over oral health, so they should be done daily as recommended by the American Dental Association.

The team at Washington Street Dental understands that there may be times in which you need to be seen right away. Whatever the nature of your dental emergency, we offer gentle, effective care.

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