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Dental Emergencies Indianapolis - Washington Street Dentistry provides gentle, judgment-free care for your dental emergencies.

Surprises can often be pleasant. Dental emergencies are surprises that we would all be happy to avoid. The fact remains, however, that urgent situations related to dental problems can occur. Just hearing the word “emergency” can cause a great deal of stress. Dental emergencies may often be thought of as something like an injured or knocked out tooth. Of course this type of situation does require prompt attention if the tooth is to be saved. However, many of the dental emergencies we treat in our Indianapolis dental practice are not so dramatic. What tends to lead many people to seek prompt attention is unrelenting tooth pain.

Having a toothache may hardly sound like an emergency, but, for many people, this is exactly how pain could be described. A toothache can develop for a number of reasons. Teeth may be fractured by chewing on a hard object, or even during a meal featuring dense or hard foods. In other situations, the exact origin of pain can be difficult to pinpoint. What we tend to find frequently is infection.

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Each of us has millions of living organisms, bacteria, which live in our mouth. These microscopic organisms cannot be seen, but they affect our teeth and gums, and even our general health. Oral bacteria have a very powerful effect on the body when their ecosystem becomes imbalanced. The reason dentists encourage their patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day, and to floss every day, is to remove bacteria that can harm teeth and gums. At Washington Street Dentistry, we do all that we can to help patients avoid tooth pain with preventive measures such as guidance in the most effective home hygiene practices and professional cleanings.

The cause of infection in a tooth is often a cavity. Cavities are not noticed except through professional examination, until sensitivity occurs. If it is not addressed, the cavity will progress and weaken more enamel. Eventually, slight pain will develop. If treatment is not received at this point, bacteria will continue to collect in the cavity, making their way towards the inner areas of the tooth.

Pain signals to us that something is not right. In the mouth, even the slightest pain is cause to visit your dentist for professional evaluation. Visiting your dentist before pain develops leads to better oral health and less chance of painful dental problems that require extensive treatment.

Washington Street Dentistry provides gentle, judgment-free care for your dental emergencies. Whether it is an injury or persistent pain, Dr. Church and our team offer solutions to restore comfort and health to your smile. Contact our office today.

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