When is a dental bridge in Indianapolis the right way to repair your smile?

dental bridge in Indianapolis the right way to repair your smile

Sometimes losing a tooth is an unavoidable reality. When this happens, your dentist in Indianapolis might suggest using a restoration such as a dental bridge to repair your smile for the overall benefit of your dental health. Yet when there are so many other restoration options available, how can you be sure this is really your best option?

First, you will need to know your options and understand how they each work. Dentures are usually the best option to replace all of your teeth, though they can also work to replace one or a few teeth as well. Dentures are removable and replaceable. Dental implants are permanent and require surgery to be placed, though they work well to replace a single tooth and they can be used to stabilize dentures. Dental bridges are often a more economical option and can replace one or a few teeth permanently.

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In order to place a permanent dental bridge, the teeth surrounding the gap will need to be prepared for crowns to be placed over them. These crowns will then serve to anchor the pontic or pontics (false teeth) in place so that you can have a permanently complete smile again. Though bridges are often a more affordable option than implants, which are also permanent, anyone who chooses to get a dental bridge must also keep in mind that they do permanently affect the natural teeth near the gap. In order to place the crowns, the natural teeth will need to have an outer layer of their enamel removed.

In addition to bridges being an affordable restoration, dental bridges are actually ideal when your other teeth are also damaged. Often, if one tooth has decayed and been removed, the teeth around it may also be in the process of slowly decaying. In this case, it may actually be beneficial to the health of your smile to have these natural teeth protected by crowns while also replacing your missing tooth. This is not the only reason bridges may be a good option for you. If you need to have a tooth replaced, ask the dentist about the other benefits of getting a permanent dental bridge.

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