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Best Dentist in Indianapolis: To address the problem of tooth loss with a highly trained, experienced dentist, call Washington Street Dentistry.

There is an unspoken expectation of tooth retention for life. After we lose our baby teeth and our permanent teeth grow in, they are supposed to be just that – permanent. Though we do not tend to expect any further tooth loss after that in childhood, the fact is that many American adults lose at least one tooth by the time they are fifty. Much different than the loss of a baby tooth, permanent tooth loss is nothing to celebrate. In adulthood, a lost tooth means that replacement needs to be arranged sooner rather than later. While there are benefits to filling a gap in the smile, there are several other advantages that come from finding the best form of tooth replacement for your particular needs. With your dentist in Indianapolis, you can rediscover your most attractive, healthiest smile even after tooth loss.

Due to the fact that dental implants closely replicate the natural oral structure, benefits of treatment can improve one’s general quality of life.

  • When we envision our ideal self, this image often includes a whole, healthy smile. An attractive smile is not an asset only to the person in the public eye. Research has shown that an attractive smile leads to positive experiences socially, professionally, and romantically.
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  • Good feelings about the smile lead to a general sense of wellbeing and confidence. When we project a positive self-image to the world, positive reactions come back at us.
  • Though we tend to get caught up in smile aesthetics, there is a basic function to our teeth, and that is to help us chew properly. Because we rely on natural teeth for most of our lives, we can fail to realize the true impact of tooth loss and unsuccessful replacement treatment. Dental implants are designed to replicate the natural oral structure, root and all. As such, implants achieve such a natural degree of chewing efficiency that many people forget teeth are not all natural.
  • Whether a single tooth, several teeth, or all teeth are missing, the effect on oral health can loom large. Filling the empty spaces in the smile not only corrects cosmetic issues, but also facilitates optimal oral health by removing extra places for bacteria to hide. With implants, oral hygiene remains as it was with natural teeth. Brushing and flossing daily and maintaining regular dental visits and cleanings, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of implant treatment for a lifetime.

At this time, dental implants shine as the best way to replace missing teeth. To address the problem of tooth loss with a highly trained, experienced dentist, call Washington Street Dentistry.

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