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Dental implants are not mere tooth replacements.

Dental implant treatment has been a part of dentistry for more than three decades now. As the excellence of this type of tooth replacement has become well know, more and more people are choosing this restorative procedure to achieve long lasting results.

Dental implants are not mere tooth replacements. These prosthetics are intended for the replacement of missing roots. Exhaustive research has gone into implant root replacement, with consideration given to the overall needs of the oral structure as well as longevity of results. Over the last half a century, several improvements have occurred in the area of implant dentistry, allowing more people to achieve excellent results from restorative care. Patients who have chosen implant treatment to replace missing teeth and roots have reported a 90 percent return of natural functionality and attractiveness.

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If you want to rediscover your best smile, your dental implant dentist in Indianapolis, Indiana can help. This treatment offers several benefits:

  • Smile rejuvenation is not something that one may think they can achieve with tooth replacement. Though the goal of replacement is to restore chewing function, aesthetics remains a high priority in dental care. The materials used in the creation of implant restorations such as crowns or dentures are chosen for their similarity to enamel, looking so much like natural teeth that most people cannot tell the difference.
  • Chewing function is one of those important aspects of oral health that we can tend to forget about. When teeth are missing from the smile, we suffer not only cosmetically but also in terms of functionality. Chewing is an important part of the entire digestive process. When we cannot chew efficiently due to a lack of healthy teeth, we may experience gastrointestinal upset after meals because the digestive system must work harder to break down food. Dental implants are stabilized in the jawbone, mimicking the natural tooth root system. This means that a variety of healthy foods can remain in the diet, and that replacement teeth are fully capable of breaking food down into small, easy to digest particles.
  • Facial aesthetics can be affected if tooth loss is extensive. Many people who have worn dentures for years experience changes in the fullness of the face, with cheeks and lips becoming sunken in. The cause of these changes is rooted in the jawbone. Without stimulation during the chewing process, bone tissue in the jaw breaks down. Resorption is a gradual process that continues as long as stimulation is lacking. Dental implant treatment meets the needs of the jawbone, continuing the transfer of force from teeth to the bone tissue that adequately stimulates the bone.

Tooth loss does not have to cost you your smile. Call us at (317) 333-6788 to schedule a consultation for dental implants.

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