Interesting benefits people in the 46229 zip code and beyond experience from teeth whitening

Teeth whitening rejuvenates the entire face

For more than a century, dental professionals and scientists have sought ways to brighten tooth enamel. Today, we have been able to harness the immense power of peroxide in the safest possible way, a far cry from early teeth whitening methods.

At Washington Street Dentistry in the 46229 zip code, teeth whitening continues to be one of the most requested cosmetic services, and for good reason. Whether whitening is achieved in a convenient office visit or in the comfort of your home, there are several benefits you will experience, some of which may be a little surprising.

Teeth whitening rejuvenates the entire face

Biological aging may be impossible to completely avoid, but there are numerous ways in which modern technologies can be used to slow the hands of time. Some treatments even have the power to turn them back several years. One of the common characteristics that ages the face is tooth discoloration. With professional treatment, it is possible to not only remove years of stains but also years of aging.

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Social media

For much of our history, preparation was a normal part of having our image taken. In centuries past, men and women would sit for portraits painted by a skilled artist. Even once photography was developed, there was typically preparation for sittings. Today, we find ourselves part of the “selfie” era in which images are captured on smartphones and other technology. Pictures that we didn’t have a chance to prepare for are likely to end up on social media for dozens of people to see. Brightening the smile is the best way to be photo-ready at a moment’s notice.

Professional advantages

Removing stains from your smile may not turn you into a celebrity, but can certainly get you all the right attention. One of the unexpected rewards of cosmetic dentistry in general is that, as suggested by research, employers favor attractive smiles. In surveys, it has been discovered that an attractive smile is an asset that can negotiate not only job offers but also higher pay and promotions.

Bringing out the best in your smile does not have to be complicated nor expensive. Tooth whitening at Washington Street Dentistry is affordable and effective. Call (317) 333-6788 to schedule your consultation for teeth whitening.


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