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Affordable tooth replacement with dentures in Indianapolis keeps you smiling

Affordable Quality Dentures Indianapolis

When one or more teeth have been lost or removed, a person’s sense of self-esteem is often hurt right along with their smile aesthetic. In addition to cosmetic issues, however, missing teeth can also have a negative impact on oral health and on general wellbeing. The cause of tooth loss doesn’t really matter. It could be that a tooth has lost the support of healthy gum tissue, or that inefficient oral hygiene has led to tooth damage. After tooth loss or removal, the number one priority becomes finding the most appropriate replacement.

Tooth replacement covers a number of concerns. While the appearance of the smile is very important, replacing missing teeth is also about preserving functionality of chewing, speech, and also about preserving healthy facial contours. At Washington Street Dentistry, patients can learn about their various options for tooth replacement.

We understand that there are several factors important to our patients, cost being one of them. For an affordable Quality treatment option, many people consider replacing teeth with dentures in the office of their experienced Indianapolis dentist. Even within denture treatment there are several options for the restoration of a healthy, beautiful smile.


New Patients: (317) 333-6788

Existing Patients: (317) 890-4455

An important note about dentures is that these appliances have evolved a great deal since the time most of our grandparents wore them. The dentures crafted in the modern-day dental lab look far more natural, with shades and shapes perfected to create a harmonious facial aesthetic. Now, denture wearers can smile with confidence that people are seeing attractive teeth, not those that look fake. Additionally, denture design has improved to facilitate a greater degree of comfort.

While dentures have improved significantly with technological advances, the fact remains that it takes time for the oral structure to adapt to the changes that occur with this type of tooth replacement. The muscles of the mouth and face gradually learn to work with a new denture appliance in chewing as well as the formation of words. We encourage our patients to feel confident knowing that dentures will feel awkward only for a short time.

Dr. Church understands that Washington Street Dentistry patients are concerned about the health, attractiveness, and function of their smiles. Our patients receive compassionate care that caters to their timeline, budget, and oral health needs. If you are searching for your ideal form of tooth replacement, we can help. Contact our Indianapolis dental office for a consultation to discuss your options.

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